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Stylish Blogger Award

Well, wouldn’t you know- I get caught up in my life outside of blogging and I get another award.  Too many days passed by without my knowing this.  For SHAME.  Tisk Tisk- aaaaand all those other things that people say.

Anyways, THANK YOU SO MUCH, Cool Bean Mommas, for the honor of being nominated for the Stylish Blogger Award!  God knows I struggle with being stylish (my favorite dress is my favorite blue jeans, as Garth Brooks so aptly wrote), but my blog must be pretty purty, because it caught the eye of a fantastic writer, like herself.  Check her out soon… you know, if you feel like reading something AWESOME.

So, now, because tradition is old and needs to be cherished, I must share 7 things about myself with all of you and then award 10 stylish new (to me) bloggers the Stylish Blogger Award.  Here’s to tradition!

7 things I’m sure you don’t know about me
1.  My birthday just passed and I reached the ripe old age of 31.  I know- I’m excited.  I’m passed the dirty thirty and on my way to the fantastic forty.  Jealous?
2.  I still have my very first stuffed animal.  Call me whatever you want, but it was given to me by my dad right after I had surgery at 3 months old and I will NEVER give it up.  Even if you put me on one of those horrible “Clean House” shows.  I have a mean stare- I would get them to cave.
3.  I have 1 glass of wine in my system and its actually causing me difficulty to type.  Yes, 1 glass does that now.  Its called saving money.  If you don’t drink a lot, it doesn’t cost a lot to help you relax.  Look into it.
4.  I have NO idea how to raise my kids.  I’m basically just winging it.  I figure, they’ve done well so far- I must not be doing such a bad job.
5.  I organize a Mommy Group.  Please do not applaud.  This is not a good thing.  Its scary.  A mom who has trouble remembering that her glasses are on top of her head when she is looking for them is ORGANIZING a mom’s group?  Yeah, this will go over well.
6.  I like old movies.  Like, really old- not, like, 80’s old.  I like Doris Day and Jimmy Stewart and all those guys.  There’s something innocent in those movies.  Where the worst that happens is a snag in your nylons kind of bad.  Yeah, those were the days.
7.  Its been a VERY long day today and I plan on finishing my night with a second glass of wine.  Yes, that might cause me to lose consciousness, but right about now, that sounds wonderful.

And now, because it just wouldn’t be right to keep their brilliance to myself, here are my nominations for the Stylish Blogger Award:
1.  Mom’s Madhouse Advice Blog
2.  jrrsehopecoaching
3.  Mama Wants This
4.  My IdeaLife
5.  The McCormack Spot
6.  Debras Dollars
7.  Always Just a Mom

8.  Budgeting During College
9.  The Life of a Young Mom
10.  Susanna’s Apron

And, that’s it.  I swear that there are so many more I would’ve have loved to have nominated, though.  Maybe with the NEXT award I get… *hint hint* ;-b  I’m SUCH a praise-whore.

 So, go on- read them.  They all rock and I know you’ll find some new blogs to adore.  I did.


11 Responses

  1. Uh wow! Thank you so much. I'm totally amazed, blown away and humbled. Sharonwww.sharon-moms-madhouse.com

  2. Wow thanks for nominating me! I feel so flattered!!

  3. Thanks very much Amber – like Sharon am very flattered and humbled. Hope there's no time limit for paying it forward…eek!Nicolehttp://www.myidealife.com.au

  4. I'm honored by the award – thank you! Now I'll need to think about my seven things and nominate ten wonderful bloggers. Following you from voiceBoks – and so enjoying your style:-) Being raised in a family of girls (my brother came along after I was older), then having two girls for my first ten years of mommyhood, I was positive there wasn't any difference between girls and boys. And, I was SO wrong! Yay for sons – they are the joy (and sometimes the bane) of my life! Sending you lots of energy – I have a feeling you'll need it:-)By the way, I lose my glasses on top of my head all the time.~RJ, the HOPE Coachhttp://jrrsehopecoaching.com

  5. Thank you for the award Amber! I'm not sure I deserve it, but thank you! Your blog is purty 😉

  6. You're awesome! Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoy my blog and I'm so happy you found me too!I'm your newest follower!!!

  7. Thanks for the compliments everyone and -trust me- you ALL deserve it.

  8. Congratulations! I like #4 and #6 best…love those old movies!

  9. Thanks so much for the nomination! I really appreciate it 🙂

  10. Thank you so much for the nomination and Congrats to you as well! I have had your button on my blog for a while now however I added the Award to the left side of my page it will also direct my readers to you. Thanks so much!~Debra

  11. Thanks so much for honoring my blog with this award! I wanted to let you know I finally got around to responding. We were out of town. You can see my post about it here:http://susannasapron.blogspot.com/God bless!Love,Lisa

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