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Sorry for the absence

I feel kind of bad.  I know that I’ve been MIA, and while I would normally just make a joke about it, I’ll be honest, I’m not in a joking mood.  As of 2 years ago, the months of June and July have been a little difficult for me mentally.  Its hard to put my mind to thinking of things to write that are lighthearted when these months are a sad reminder of a loss.  I promise that I’ll be back on soon with more of an explanation, but for now, I need some time.  If you stick with me through this, you’re awesome.  If not, I completely understand.



3 Responses

  1. 😦 Aww Amber the only thing I care about is that you are alive and ok, going through hard times is ok, it sucks but it will pass. Just hang in there and know Anne & I love you bunches!! If you need someone to come hang out with you at the crazy house just lat me know. Anne & I are always down for some Soto house time!! LOVE YOU!!!

  2. Take the time that you need!! Everyone will still be here when you get back!!

  3. I'm not going anywhere!

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