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Wordless Wednesday: Firsts

First look at dinosaurs.

5 Responses

  1. What a face!! Both my boys love and loved dinnosours!!! So does my daughter, but the boys really got into it! I love when they get so excited!! Enjoy your gorgeous boys!!

  2. so sweet!! I know my son first visit to see the “REAL” dinos was a highligh of his year =)

  3. I still love you Amber 🙂 Keep up the posts!!! Love your Canuckian Friend 🙂

  4. I would love to follow you but I just can’t have sign up for any more email subscriptions. I can’t keep up but I would follow you if you added a GFC option to your wordpress blog. I have heard some people say you can’t on WordPress but I have seen a lot that do have it. Sorry or an RSS feed option 😦 sorry
    My 2 Cents

  5. I added you to my iGoogle RSS feed. 🙂 Yay..Thank you Valerie Stayton with My 2 Cents

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