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Baking Kids and Raising Bread

Have you ever noticed that raising kids is a lot like baking bread?

Yeah, you probably haven’t, therefore, you should thank me because I’ve no doubt opened up your eyes to a whole new way of thinking!

Seriously, though, it really is.  Just go with me one this one.

First, you decide what kind of bread you want- just like how so many people decide what kind of kiddos they want.  You laugh- or maybe that’s just a confused look you have- but its true.  How many people do YOU know who refer to their pets as their “fur babies”?

*shudder* I’m sorry, but it just sounds like some sort of bad, juvenile disorder: “I’m sorry, Mrs Smith, but little Johnny has come down with a severe case of … fur babies.”  Just call them what they are, will ya?  They’re your replacement for kids.

Anyways, so you choose your “bread”- human or… hairy.  (Or, in some sad cases, a little of both, poor kids.)

The next thing you do is add the ingredients.  In bread, this includes your flour (substance), yeast (leavening), sugar (everything should have a touch of sweetness), etc.

With kids, the same things are necessary.  Everything you teach your kids -that’s the substance; love- the yeast; and the sugar- this can include everything from words of encouragement to “dates” with your kids to, well, if you can consider it sweet, it applies here.

And, as a side note, did you know that yeast and sugar must go hand in hand to properly work?  With kids, think of it as your words and your actions working together.  You can tell your kids you love them, but its the “sugar” that really shows them.

After you’ve added all the ingredients, in bread, you mix it all together, let it rise, knead it some more, let it rise once more, then you bake it.

With kids, its a continual process- adding more “ingredients”, teaching it to them (mixing), letting them rise (letting them rest so what you’ve said has a chance to sink in), and then starting the process over again.

And you have to let them “rise”.  If you just keep beating them, *ahem* I meant KNEADING them, you’ll end up with tough dough, er, a tough kid.

As parents, we’re constantly “adding to the batter”, “mixing it all in”, and giving them a chance to “rise” on their own.  It never stops, and all the while, they’re baking- becoming the person they’re meant to be.  Even the heat of the oven (the pressures of life) help to perfect the process.

Now, if any of those steps are left out or if any of the ingredients are missing (or too much of any one ingredient is added), then the loaf will be off- it can be too sweet, too salty, too puffed up, too dense or hard, tasteless, a squishy, doughy mess, or possibly no real growth.

But if everything is added in all the right proportions, in the end the result is a perfect loaf of bread, and all that’s left is to eat it.

Ok, maybe I was a little hasty in my comparison…


2 Responses

  1. I like it! I hadn’t thought about it before, but nice analogy!

  2. It’s a great analogy – I think of eating the bread as paying attention to the kid – if you don’t, it will get moldy. Life can get crazy and sometimes I don’t pay enough attention to my children. Thanks for the post and the blog hop. Have a great Friday!


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