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“I do not think you know…”

“I do not think that means what you think it means.”

Quick- where’s that quote from?

If you said ‘The Princess Bride’, you would be correct.


If you said ‘Boystown’, that would also be the right answer.

There are many quotes from a multitude of movies that we repeat in our household on a daily basis”

“‘Ello.”  “Did you just say ‘hello’?”  “Nooooo- I said ‘ello’, but that’s close enough”

(That would be ‘Labrinth’ and yes, I had a crush on Jerreth.)


(The film ‘Up’.  You need to see it and then periodically interject that word randomly into conversations.)

“Punch it, Chewy.”

(Ok, if you don’t get that one, you’re fired and I’m not going to even going to give you an answer.)

That first quote, though- the very first one I mentioned?  That one is probably used most frequently in our home.  I’m pretty sure that’s par for the course when you’ve got an 11 going on 30 year old.  You can’t help but laugh when they weave advanced words into a conversation without having a CLUE as to what they mean.

More than that, though, is that sometimes I find myself saying “I do not think you know what you think you know.”  Many a time, Camo has come to me, ready to lay it all on the line for something “Nick said that Eddie said that Conner said was the 100% true”- and “he should know, because his 2nd cousin on his dad’s side is an expert.”

In some ways, kids’ trusting nature is awe-inspiring.  They don’t need boxes of evidence to support why they believe what they believe, and it doesn’t even matter if their belief doesn’t make any sense whatsoever when they truly think about it:  “I can’t fit through the dog door, but Santa will make it through our heat vents since we don’t have a fireplace.”  Its even kind of cute.  The fact is, THEY KNOW its true.

Of course, in other ways, this refusal to acknowledge my 30 years of experience compared to his 11 years is utterly maddening:

“Sure, mom- I know you THINK you know what I’m talking about, but you’re old, so your brain is probably starting to fail you.”

“But, honey, I’ve been there & done that- trust me.”

“So, you SAY.”

“No, dear, its not just what I’m SAYING, its what I KNOW.”

“Times have changed, mom.”

“Yes, sweetie, love of my life, but gravity hasn’t, so trust me- there’s no way a bus could fly.”

Don’t ask where he heard it.  The fact is, someone younger and wiser was more “in the know” than me, and therefore, I was clueless.

I suppose, when it comes right down to it, I’d rather he trust me in the bigger sense.  I mean, as long as he listens to me about drugs and smoking being bad; hopping into bed before marriage is wrong; and college is the key to his future- that’s what matters, right?

Let’s just hope he doesn’t have his eyes set on aviation.


4 Responses

  1. We use the “Squirrel!” quote quite a bit around here – been a favorite since the very first time we watched Up. We also have a ton of quotes we use in my house from the movie Couple’s Retreat…”Boom…Encouragement!”, “Yes, you can do it!”,
    “Take the French out of your mouth and tell me what to do.” LOL.

    You’re right about the awesomeness of kid’s trusting natures. They do just believe it – it’s almost magical. When we grow up, we lose that. We become so non-trusting (well, some of us) that it takes an army of evidence to convince us that something IS true.

  2. Very cute! I’m sure I will have similar stories when my little one gets old enough to “reason” with me.
    I have a teenager who views me as her second mom, her and I have similar conversations (though not nearly as cute as an 11 year old’s reasoning) about love and boys and the drama of High School. She makes me really glad I’m not a teen!!

  3. HA!! UP is on constant rotation over in my house – except my son likes to say “What are you doing here kid?” LOL

    And dare someone ask about “Punch it Chewy.” – that will just be tragic.

  4. “Squirrel!”

    My husband is constantly quoting from The Godfather, but of course the kids don’t encourage him (which is lucky… it’s annoying). The Princess Bride quote is a favorite of mine, as is its sister quote, “in-con-CEEEIVable!”

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